A City of Tabi Storehouses Supporting the Kimono Culture from the Feet


Cultural properties that tell Gyoda City's story

Outline of Japan Heritage

Japan Heritage is a new program for cultural properties established by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2015. The program designates interesting regional histories and features that have been passed down through the narratives of Japan’s culture and traditions as “Japan Heritage.” It supports initiatives to cohesively use various attractive tangible and intangible cultural properties that constitute essential elements in the narrative. Japan Heritage has two categories: “The Collective Category” for which a narrative pertains to several cities or villages, and “The Local Category” for which a narrative pertains to one city or a village, as in the case of Gyoda City.

Japan Heritage identifies cultural properties scattered around a region and packages them in a story, expects the regional community to take the initiative to cohesively and comprehensively organize and use these cultural properties, and strategically publicize them to the world, thereby aiming to revitalize the region.